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Tickled In A Straitjacket by poisonberi Tickled In A Straitjacket by poisonberi
Darren was walking back to his dorm after working out at the campus gym when suddenly two burly men came up from behind and dragged him into an awaiting van. In the van, Darren put up a fierce struggle but he was chloroformed and soon, everything became dark.

When Darren finally came to, he found himself in a dimly lit room. His clothes had been removed, all except his blue underwear. He was sitting on a chair and his hands were handcuffed behind his back. Then, he heard footsteps and a middle-age Chinese man, along with his two assistants by his side, emerged from the shadows.

'Ah! Finally you're awake, Mr. Gray,' the man said. 'We can discuss business now.'

'Mr Yen, if this is about the money I owed, I promise you I pay you at the end of this month. Just don't hurt me,' Darren pleaded to the loanshark whom he had borrowed money from.

For many months now, Darren was hooked onto soccer betting and when he ran out of money, he turned to Mr Yen for some extra cash. However, his luck did not turn and he failed to pay off his debts. From a loan of $10 000, his debt had ballooned to $30 000 due to the ridiculously high interest rates, and this had caused Mr Yen some displeasure.

'But that's what you said last month and the months before that, and still, I haven't see my money yet. In fact, I'm beginning to think that you're not going to pay me at all.'

'I promise Mr Yen. I get you the money. Just give me one more chance.' Darren was feeling scared. He had heard that late debtors like him would often get punished by Mr Yen and his gang.

Mr Yen thought to himself for a moment and said, ' Ok. I give you one more chance, Mr Gray.'

The assistants released Darren from his handcuffs. ' Thank you Mr Yen. I promise you that you'll get your money at the end of this month.'

Mr Yen clicked his fingers and Darren was punched in the gut by one of the assistants. 'Oh, don't think you're going to get away this easy Mr. Gray. Young punks like you should be taught a bit about punctuality. Put him on the machine!'

'Wait. What are you doing?' asked Darren who was still reeling in pain. The two men dragged Darren to a corner of the room and forced him to wear a straitjacket. After buckling the straps on the back of the straitjacket tightly, his arms were folded around each other and the straps at the end of the sleeves were buckled together. The straps on his chest, arms and abdomen were then secured.

'What are you doing? Let me go!' yelled Darren, protesting his displeasure.

The leather crotch strap was next and the man tying him pulled it over Darren's crotch really tight before fastening it. Darren gave a sharp yelp and then, a piece of black leathery gag was placed over his mouth.

'Mmmmppphhh!!!!!' Darren tried to say something but his thick gag was fastened up really tight.

Next came the blindfold made from the same material as the gag and it was secured tightly over Darren's eyes and he was now covered in total darkness.

Mmm!!! Hmmmmm!!!!

Darren tugged and shoved violently and managed to shook off his captor's grips. But, being unable to see anything, he ran into a wall and fell down. The two men grabbed Darren's legs and dragged him across the floor as Darren struggled to get out of his restraints, muffling loudly as he did so.

'Mmmmphggg!!! Mmmmrrrrhhhhmmm!!!

Then, Darren felt his body being lifted up and his ankles, knees and thighs were fastened to more leathery straps. Then, it was his abdomen, arms and neck. Darren was now upside down.

'Mmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!' Darren shook his body about, trying to free himself but to no avail.

'I can't move my legs!' Darren thought to himself. His knees were secured with the straps , preventing him bending his knees. The straps over his body were attached to the sides of the device via metallic rods, locking his body in an almost fixed position. The only thing which he could move freely were his toes. Darren could also feel something soft rubbing against his soles.

Then, it began. The soft things started to move slowly, brushing his feet like a paintbrush to create a tickling sensation. ' Oh no! I'm being tickled,' Darren thought.

At first, the tickling did not bother him that much but the tickling became faster and finally, Darren cracked and began to laugh uncontrollably under his gag.

Mm! Hmmm! Mmmphggggg!!!

He shook his head and body around violently, pulling and pushing himself to and fro. Darren tugged at the ends of his straitjacket, hoping to loosen the straps. However, every time he pulls his hands up he would pull the crotch strap along, tightening its bond, and this would cause him to cringe in discomfort as the leathery strap rubbed against his crotch.

'Mmmmffff!! Mrrrggghhhh!!!!! Mmmmmfffff!!!!!

Darren could not believe the predicament he was in: strapped in a straitjacket, hanging upside down with his feet tickled and wearing only his underwear. To top of this torment, he was gagged, blindfolded and secured with straps which restricted his movements as he was being tickled. Only his toes were free enough to wiggle about.

The tickling continued for an hour and Darren was still laughing hysterically under his gag. Then, the tickling stopped and Darren could breath easy. His face and body were drenched in sweat. Darren stopped struggling and took in some heavy breaths of air. He heard Mr Yen's voice.

'Well, Mr Gray. I hope you've learn your lesson today because if you still fail to pay me up, the punishment will be far worse than this. I don't want to hurt this pretty face of yours,' Mr Yen said, pinching Darren's cheeks. Darren made some gruffing noises and turned his face away from the loanshark. Then, a cloth was shoved onto his face and Darren could smell the distinct odour of chloroform before falling off into unconsciousness.

When he woke up, he found himself lying in an alley and he was wearing his clothes again. Darren quickly picked himself up and walked out. His whole body was sored and he still could smell the leather of his restraints. ' I must find a way to get the money fast or else....' Darren did not want to think about it and quickly strolled past the evening crowd.


(There's a non-text version in my scraps [link] .....I don't like the way he's hanging upside down.... and the tickle machine looks a bit...boring...)
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gusearth1 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
You should add more "tentacles" tickling his abdomen.
I also think this machine would be fun to be in for 5 minutes... Don't ask why.
Mattyhup Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013
I wanna pic showing his soles how red they were adter the tickling
Psycho333 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2012
Awesome work
imoff2186 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2011
I need me 1 of these
UlquiorraLover123 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2011
I like the tickle machine

Cookie Go Boo Corp. Thanks You! :P
betternotlookme Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2009
nice kind o tickle machine^^, the plan of it, hope oyu owmt mind if will use it asimspiration for an own kind?..

greetings, bnlm
Par-Lucius Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008
Nice story. Awesome picture... Poor Darren.
zkfanart Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2008
Woa! But looks inmsane ;) <aybe add some more tickling devices? Gotta good! =D Tee heee ;)
UncleBobby Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2008
Great work as usual! Keep up the good work, Poison.
OliverLucky Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2008
Wow, I so love your tickling machines! :)
spiffylemonz Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2008
Amazing color - especially the hair! :)
poisonberi Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2008
thanks....i think i overdid the shiny effect....
1elite312 Featured By Owner May 4, 2011
that would suck if you were real ticklish
spiffylemonz Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2008
Actually, no - it gives the entire image a "futuristic" look, where that diabolical device *could* be a reality. :)
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